The patient simulator that can see, listen and talk.

  • Affordable
    budgets are tight.
  • IrisCam™
    a new perspective.
  • Sounds
    Listen to High Fidelity.
  • Speech
    communicate naturally.
The Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) A patient simulator for the age of AI built on state-of-the art technology.

Available today.

designed for but not limited to
  • Nursing
  • First-Year
    Medical Students
  • Patient Care
  • Develop critical thinking, decision making,
    and priority setting skills
  • Conduct initial patient assessments
    and clinical interviews
  • Acquire foundational nursing skills
  • Meet high-level simulation goals
  • Evaluate nursing competencies in procedures such as injections, IV administration, wound care, urethral catheterization, etc.
Core features
in the box
  • Manikin
    Male with interchangeable female accessory kit, which includes torso overlay, genitalia, and wig. Available in light skin tone, and medium skin tone.
  • Tablet
    Wifi tablet included for plug-and-play simulator setup and use. Or bring your own favorite internet-connected device.
  • IrisCam™
    An HD camera built into the eye of ALEX, providing digital video for live streaming and recorded review. Experience the patient perspective!
  • Speech
    Advanced speech recognition integrating Google Cloud Speech API and speech synthesis to support fully automated medical interviewing exercises. (patent pending)
  • Sounds
    Listen to normal or various abnormal lung/heart/bowel sounds and Korotkoff sounds using any stethoscope when attached to the included SmartScope™ accessory.
  • Blood Pressure
    Measure blood pressure with any sphygmomanometer attached to the included SmartCuff™, equipped with wireless pressure sensor.
  • Patient Monitor
    Direct control of HR, RR, SpO2 and TEMP to set target value and transition length.
  • Remote Control
    Control your simulation from anywhere. Adjust vitals, speech and sounds using any internet-connected device. Collect checklist data and watch live video.
  • Patient Authoring
    Create new patients by customizing vitals, patient file, checklist and all speech questions and responses. Collaborate with any ALEX user.
  • Breathing
    Moving chest in sync with set respiratory rate. Set various respiratory profiles with varying depth of breath.
  • Airway
    Oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as all other standard airway procedures.
  • BVM ventilation
    Rising chest measures and records airflow over time when done during CPR.
  • Circulation
    Pulses (carotid x 2, brachial x 2, radial x 2 and pedal x 2): sensing touch and providing pulse sensation in sync with set heart rate and blood pressure.
  • CPR
    CPR abilities with metrics of chest compression force/depth and timing. Automatic detection and logging of CPR procedures.
  • I.V. Injection Arm
    Practice intravenous injections and positioning a butterfly catheter. Puncture veins and dorsal venous network of hand.
advanced life support
  • 12-Lead ECG
    Virtual display of 12-lead ECG signals on the patient monitor.
  • Live CPR & Defibrillation
    Real-time CPR feedback with virtual electrotherapy intervention.
  • Scenarios
    Critical care scenarios optimized for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.
OK, how much?
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Amplify your impact

  • Provide more
    simulation contact hours for less cost with an affordable patient simulator.
  • Inspire & Engage
    more simulation champions with
    an easy to use simulator
    software interface.
  • Clinical Interviewing
    practice with minimal ongoing costs using scenario driven speech functionality.
  • Deliver remote
    simulations by experts across campus, across the country with a cloud connected simulator.
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