The patient simulator that can see, listen and talk.

The Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) Developed in 2017, the newest patient simulator with the latest technology.
  • Affordable
    budgets are tight.
    ALEX is priced to alleviate, not compound, hurdles. Available at an all-inclusive price of $21,995 for simulator, all Cloud services and warranty for 5 years.
  • IrisCam™
    a new perspective.
    ALEX is the first patient simulator with an HD camera streaming live, low latency video from his right eye. Debrief with a patient point-of-view experience.
  • Sounds
    Listen to High Fidelity.
    Heart, lung and bowel sounds in unprecedented quality - thanks to Bluetooth technology and hidden location markers - in your stethoscope or earphones.
  • Speech
    communicate naturally.
    ALEX recognizes questions using Google Cloud Speech API and responds with scripted answers related to his condition. Use speech synthesis or your own voice for responses.

Available today.

designed for but not limited to
  • Nursing
  • First-Year
    Medical Students
  • Patient Care
  • Develop critical thinking, decision making,
    and priority setting skills
  • Conduct initial patient assessments
    and clinical interviews
  • Acquire foundational nursing skills
  • Meet high-level simulation goals
  • Evaluate nursing competencies in procedures such as injections, IV administration, wound care, urethral catheterization, etc.
Core features
  • Breathing
    Moving chest in sync with set respiratory rate. Set various respiratory profiles with varying depth of breath.
  • Airway
    Oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as all other standard airway procedures.
  • BVM ventilation
    Rising chest measures and records airflow over time when done during CPR.
  • Circulation
    Pulses (carotid x 2, brachial x 2, radial x 2 and pedal x 2): sensing touch and providing pulse sensation in sync with set heart rate and blood pressure.
  • CPR
    CPR abilities with metrics of chest compression force/depth and timing. Automatic detection and logging of CPR procedures.
  • I.V. Injection Arm
    Practice intravenous injections and positioning a butterfly catheter. Puncture veins and dorsal venous network of hand.
  • Patient Monitor
    Direct control of HR, RR, SpO2 and TEMP to set target value and transition length.
  • Waveforms
    Normal and abnormal simulated cardio, respiratory and SpO2 waveforms in virtual patient monitor.
  • Blood Pressure
    Measure blood pressure with any sphygmomanometer attached to the included SmartCuff™, equipped with wireless pressure sensor.
  • IrisCam™
    An HD camera built into the eye of ALEX, providing digital video for live streaming and recorded review. (patent pending)
  • Speech
    Advanced speech recognition integrating Google Cloud Speech API and speech synthesis to support fully automated medical interviewing exercises. (patent pending)
  • Sounds
    Listen to normal or various abnormal lung/heart/bowel sounds and Korotkoff sounds using any stethoscope when attached to the included SmartScope™ accessory.
OK, how much?
Why do you need alex?

Amplify your impact

  • Provide more
    simulation contact hours for less cost with an affordable patient simulator.
  • Inspire & Engage
    more simulation champions with
    an easy to use simulator
    software interface.
  • Clinical Interviewing
    practice with minimal ongoing costs using scenario driven speech functionality.
  • Deliver remote
    simulations by experts across campus, across the country with a cloud connected simulator.
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