Ready to go from Macro to Micro with an atypical demo?

We understand the importance of ‘hands-on’, the need to see something ‘in action’, the desire to measure and test – which is why we’re trying a new approach to demonstrations.

We’re sending ALEX to you.


PCS arrives assembled and easy for a single individual to set up.  Upon setup, receive a guided tour of ALEX and start experiencing and evaluating. Over several days, invite learners, staff, and faculty members to participate in the process at their convenience. With this untraditional, confident approach, we are able to lower the price point of PCS and invite participation from the comforts of your own space while keeping your schedule(s) flexible.

The process is simple
  • 1. Tell us your Zip Code

    Input your zip code to see availability for how quickly we can ground ship ALEX.

  • 2. Start Planning

    Pick your preferred date to start. ALEX will be onsite with you for up to 4 days. You will receive an email confirmation of your preferred date.

  • 3. We’ll Ship

    Prior to shipping, we will connect with you to ensure all systems are go. Upon shipping, you will receive a email with tracking information.

  • 4. Meet & Greet

    Get to know ALEX - and us - through an interactive introductory webinar and evaluate his fit into your program. During  his time with you, as your safety net, we’re always available through ALEX’s embedded instant messaging and chat tool.

  • 5. Send ALEX Home

    Sometime on day 4, use the shipping labels provided and send him back to us. We’ll let you know when he’s arrived home safely.

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