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$ 13,995
$ 21,995
$ 30,995
All physiological features i      
Cloud connected control i      
Wifi Tablet      
Advanced speech features i Up to 250 questions a day Up to 1,000 questions a day Unlimited
IrisCam i      
IrisCam recording i   1,000 hours Unlimited
Advanced Life Support i      
Simulation Log Archive i 60 days 1 year 5 years
API for AV/center management integration i   Logs & Physio Events Logs & Physio Events,
Live Video
Warranty Included i 1 year 5 years + pre-shipping 5 years + pre-shipping
30-Day Free Returns      
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Options and Accessories
Female Accessory Kit i +$500
IV Injection Arm i +$500
Skin Tone i +$0 (No Additional Cost)

Every journey begins with a single step. Start with selecting the version of ALEX that best fits your needs and generate a quote today. Use the quote to create a Purchase Order (PO). Our customized, real-time generated quote includes quantity, cost, specs and sole-source justification information. Get yours today: ORDER NOW.

Top Pre-Purchase Questions
  • What are the details of the warranty?

    The ALEX warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in every ALEX product. If you discover what you believe is a product defect for any ALEX product, please contact PCS Support at 1-888-9ALEX-PCS toll free. Our customer support personnel are available during support hours to assist you in diagnosing and fixing any problems you may encounter in the use of your ALEX product. In the event we cannot help you resolve the problem over the phone, you may be entitled to a replacement product under the terms of ALEX's limited warranty. Replacement products may include refurbished ALEX products that have been re-certified to conform with product specifications.

    If your product(s) qualifies for advanced replacement (ALEX Plus and ALEX Pro), your replacement product(s) will ship within 24-48 hours of RMA request, excluding weekends and holidays. The shipment of your returned product is not required until your replacement product(s) has been received. If your product(s) (ALEX Lite) does not qualify for Advanced Replacement, your product(s) will ship upon receipt and inspection of your original product(s). We may require a valid credit card number to ship your replacement product(s). As part of our returns process, you will receive an email notifying you that your replacement order has been placed and another email notifying you that your product has shipped.

  • 30 Day Free Returns?

    Unpack him, give him the once over, run him through a code — if you don’t love your ALEX, we’ll take him back and give you a full refund.

    Terms of Service: If you want to return your product within the first 30 days after your delivery, please follow the process detailed below for each product. Return shipping is free. You may cancel an order anytime prior to shipment.

  • Which ALEX is best for me?

    Each ALEX (Lite, Plus, Pro) includes all simulator physiological features. Each simulator is built to identical specifications; the difference lies within the software. Consider your current simulation needs:

    Will your learners be conducting clinical interviews with ALEX? (The typical history gathering interview, on average, is approximately 50 questions)

    Advanced speech features:
    250 questions/day (Lite)
    1000 questions/day (Plus)
    Unlimited (Pro)

    Do you need the IrisCam™ to record the patient perspective for debriefing purposes?

    IrisCam™ Recording:
    ALEX Lite does not include recording. Live stream yes, recording no.
    1,000 hours of saved recording (Plus)
    Unlimited (Pro)

    How long would you like to keep a record of your simulation activities?

    Simulation Log Archive
    60 days (Lite)
    1 year (Plus)
    5 years (Pro)

    Do you anticipate integrating ALEX’s IrisCam™, simulator and event logs into your current Audiovisual system?

    Logs & Physiological Events (Plus)
    Logs & Physiological Events, and Live Video (Pro) 


    Each ALEX (Lite, Plus, Pro) includes

    Cloud connected control from any computer, anywhere
    30 Day Free Returns

  • Can I upgrade from Lite to Plus to another?

    Of course! If your usage needs expand (ie. you want to increase speech requests, extend the number of recorded hours, or expand the archive) and you would like to move to the next platform, the cost is a flat fee from your current platform to the desired platform.

    Lite to Plus Service $3,000/year for the next 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years (QTY)
    Plus to Pro Service Upgrade $3,000/year
    Or Lite to Pro Service $6,000/year
    Credit card payments only

    Contact alex@simulaids.com or 1-800-431-4310 to upgrade.

  • Are discounts available?

    Our pricing strategy is simple: provide you the very best pricing we can. No ongoing costs, no hidden option charges - just straightforward, transparent pricing. Our goal is to provide a product of strong, high value at a fair and attainable price, and yet remain in business so that we can continue providing value to the simulation community.

    We offer built-in discounts for guaranteed volume levels.

  • What does ALEX integrate with?

    ALEX’s open and well-documented RESTful API (application programming interface) enables easy integration of third-party applications. Get your favorite AV, scheduling or assessment system to collect simulation data from ALEX - after all, your data is yours to keep and control!

  • Can I schedule an onsite demonstration?

    Admittedly, we’re a bit untraditional. To offer ALEX at a lower price point (we’d rather pass the savings onto you), we have a unique approach to onsite demos. We will ship ALEX to you and provide you with a real-time, online demonstration, and/or an in-depth, on-demand video walkthrough.  Visit our Demo page for more information.

  • Are you shipping internationally?

    Contact your local Simulaids distributor.

  • How soon can I get my ALEX?

    ALEX is shipping today and our goal is to ship most orders from inventory. As soon as we receive your PO, we'll send ALEX your way, but you will surely receive within 30 days at most.

  • What do I need to get started with ALEX?

    Wired or wireless internet connection for ALEX and any internet-enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone) to control your simulator. Also, remember to bring your stethoscope to listen to ALEX's realistic heart and lung sounds.

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